It’s You, Only Better!

April 8, 2009 at 11:39 am 2 comments

At game arcades across Japan, you’ll find girls ooh-ing and aah-ing about how fabulous they look in the photo booth pictures they’ve just taken with friends. Like with any ‘print club’ machine, a.k.a., purikura, you can decorate your image with digital glitter and tiaras, making yourself look so delectably cute you’ll wonder if it’s really you.


A while back, I wrote about the number of ways Japanese girls enhance the size of their eyes (yes, eyes, not breasts). The latest method is a non-evasive procedure at the purikura booth. Just step inside, pose, and voila!, your eyes will look 120% bigger. At least, that’s what Namco Bandai Games attests with their ‘Jewella Eye’ machine, which they’ve dubbed the “120% Giant Eye Revolution!” (120% Dekame Kakumei).

In the past, popular print club machines were sold on gimmicks like “Beautifully white skin” and “Make your face look smaller!” — pointing out a demand for fantasized self-images. Looking at some of these sample shots, they’re almost unreal — like porcelain dolls at a toy store.

And now with the added bonus of sending your newly stylized photos to you email or cell phone, you can show everyone a picture of the girl who’s supposed to be you, only ten times cuter. It’s a great way to attract boys online. Though when you actually meet, make sure it’s in a dimly-lit room. (^_<)

Personally, I think you’re stepping into dangerous territory, posing as a model when in fact you’re chubby and pimple-faced. Maybe for their next purikura machine, Namco Bandai should have one that increases blemish sizes. That way, when boys meet the real you, they’ll breathe a sigh of relief!


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