Get your last supper here! Christon Cafe in Japan embraces Jesus as its mascot

May 19, 2007 at 3:42 pm 3 comments

In Southern California, we have plenty of theme restaurants: Rainforest Café, House of Blues, Planet Hollywood… Once upon a time, Universal CityWalk even sported a Marvel Café, dedicated to our favorite comic book heroes, Spiderman and the X-men.

Can you imagine a restaurant dedicated to Jesus?


Imagine no longer. Christon Cafe in Japan has locations in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Though it’s part of a chain, each location displays unique, authentic European religious artifacts (kinda like the way Hard Rock Café displays guitars and signed vinyl records). The dark, stained glass, Cathedral-style restaurants seem small on the outside, but inside they’re cavernous, with sweeping staircases and high ceilings.

Check out the medieval-style altars and gargoyles (shipped over from France) while you nosh on Italian/French/Asian food such as spinach pasta, foie gras, Peking duck rolls, and fatty red meat. Candles adorn the large, crucifix-shaped tables. If you want privacy, you can request a curtained booth; those come with cozy, goth-friendly, red velvet curtains to separate you from other diners.

A Jesus Cafe would never fly in the U.S. — the controversy would quickly overpower it — but you have to admit it has a certain ring to it, if you can resist the urge to confess your sins over dinner (sacramental red wine, anyone?)

Sarah S.

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