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Sweets for Men

“Sweets Otoko (Man)” is the new buzzword describing the growing number of Japanese men buying up desserts these days as shops and cafes hone in on this untapped demographic. News is going around that more men are visiting the local ‘dessert buffet,’ which has been a notoriously female-only affair.

For those who don’t know, ‘dessert buffets’ are like salad bars: you pay a set fee to stuff your face. Sometimes there’s a time limit and oftentimes there’s a line out the door. Eating events like these only come a few times a month for a limited number of hours, so it becomes a big spectacle.

I could see why men up until now have been so intimidated by swarms of women running after a tray of creme brulee. Though these days, men are starting to arrive with their own crew of sugar-happy friends.

I’ve mentioned here before the popularity of fresh caramels. And more recently you’ll see caramels seasoned with pepper, salt, or even wasabi (!?) And if you don’t think size matters, think again. The website Men’s Sweets Cafe lists an assortment of extra large desserts, from super-size chocolate cake to whipping cream-filled mochi. That’s more bang for your bundt cake!

Personally, I’d love to try this chocolate pudding. It’s light on sugar and has hints of salt and cinnamon. It looks so soft and velvety it makes me want to drink it down like milk.

Of course, Pocky was the true innovator of this ‘for men’ trend. Men’s Pocky seemed silly at the time, but it did stir interest. It’s no different from regular Pocky other than being coated in dark chocolate. But most straight guys wouldn’t be caught nibbling on a pink stick.

It almost feels like reverse discrimination to see all these delicious desserts being labeled for men. They look so good and who says women don’t enjoy dark chocolate, salt and pepper in their sweets? As a strong, liberated female, I’m making a plea to take our desserts back. Who’s with me?!


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