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R U a Slave to Fashion?

Are you a slave to fashion? Do you walk in 4-inch heels? Lug around a hobo bag?

Do you wear plastic nails and make it clickety-clack on the keyboard all day to your coworkers’ ire? That’s what girls do all the time, not just in Japan but throughout the world. Though the difference in Japan is that women pay nearly $100 for a set of acrylics.

You’ll find a nail salon on the top floor of most fashionable department stores in Tokyo, staffed by cookie-cutter cute women. I had my nails done last year with my mom in Tokyo. I told her it was my treat after I noticed each menu item was no more than $40. Though once we sat down it was like we were paying by the minute. Basic nail care (filing, cuticle cutting) was $35. Hand treatment was $20. Nail color added another $15. Acrylics were $6 per finger. Grand total per person: $130. Luckily, mom paid for lunch.

Quite honestly, I don’t see the big deal in getting your nails done, especially if it costs a week’s worth of bento lunches. But in a society where even 3-year-olds are sporting the plastic, you can only guess how much they value visual presentation here.

Japanese acrylics are definitely the cutest I’ve seen. They come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Some come with extravagant bows. Some are airbrushed in different color gradients. Glitter is a big thing, as are jewels. Women love nail decorations so much they even glam up their cell phones with them.

Really now, is that necessary? @.@


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