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Sexy Paper for Humid Days

If you want a successful drugstore product, leave it to heartthrob Takuya Kimura to sell it. He’ll not only rub it in his hair, he’ll massage it on his face, and splash his body with it, too.

Part sexy, part odd, Kimura’s TV commerical appearances have left a heavy impression on consumers not only in Japan but throughout Asia. Look on Youtube and you’ll find dozens of fans attempting miserably to mimic his unconventional moves.

Kimura’s most recent commerical series has him estatically wiping his chest down with ‘Gatsby body paper.’ No, it’s not the center-page of a classy novel. It’s a disposable cloth dampened with deoderant/anti-persperant powder and dabbed with a touch of citrus. People living in dry regions wouldn’t need it, but in hot, humid regions like Japan, it’s a lifesaving product. Imagine sitting in a crowded meeting room with no air conditioning in the middle of summer. In no time, sweat starts pouring from your forehead, armpits, back and the only thing you have is a tissue. item_spaper01No matter how hot it is, with Gatsby body paper you’ll feel fresh and clean throughout the day. I’ve used a female version of the product and was amazed by how cool my skin felt, the drawback being that your skin tastes bitter from the powder (Yes, I lick myself sometimes).

It’s a strange concept to apply deoderant powder over your entire body, but thankfully, the scent isn’t nearly as strong as a stick of Teen Spirit. So wipe to your heart’s content.

Meanwhile, young Japan is abuzz with Gatsby body paper. Watching this video of Kimura with some high school baseball players, how can you not go out and try it yourself?:


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