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My Adorable Sandwich

My 3-year-old nephew is the cutest kid in the world. He’s cute when he pouts, when he babbles, even when he drools. v(*^o^*)v

So when I saw him in Japan last month, I fell in love seeing him get his grubby little hands into his baby food. It was a white-bread jelly sandwich with the crust cut off to perfectly fit into his tiny mouth. He’d stare at it and nibble, stare and nibble, until it was gone.

When it came time to leave my nephew, I had an urge to take part of his cuteness with me. So I went to Amazon and found the same sandwich cutter his mom used. It’s a simple tool you press against bread. The outer frame cuts the bread and the inner frame seals the bread together. The package suggests microwaving your food before cutting so that the bread is moist and sticky.


Using the same cutter you can create both squares and triangles. And you can stuff almost anything: tuna-fish, potato salad, ham and cheese, poached eggs, small toy cars, anything!


So why is a crustless sandwich so charming? Maybe because anything 80% smaller than its regular size is, by definition, ultra-cute! But it’s also because some sandwich crusts are just a little bit stale and bland, so why bother with them, right?

For those who think it’s such a waste to throw away perfectly crusts, you can always toast it, chop it and use it in your next tonkatsu fry. And there’s always French toasted crusts.

This weekend you can count on me using my bread cutter a lot. I’m gonna make a triple-decker sandwich and mail it to my nephew. Hopefully, it’ll last the journey. =P


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