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Bag up Your Junk!

I’ll be the first to admit, girls haul around a lot of junk! Here’s what’s in my purse: wallet, keys, tissue, lip balm, tweezers, medicine, umbrella, two cell phones (one for the office), Wetnaps (just in case), a Trader Joes ‘eco’-saving grocery bag, digital camera, hand lotion, cough drops, oh and did I mention a bowling ball? That’s what friends assume is in there. Oof! =P

And if you’re a girl armed with heavy load, you know what a pain it is to take stuff out. It’s while I’m driving when I get the sudden urge to moisten my chapped lips. At a red light, I reach my arm to the passenger seat, running my fingers around the bottom of my purse until I feel something plastiky and cylindrical. Out comes a water bottle! Try again. …a mini-can of hairspray! Darn, darn, darn.

The people at MUJI are ingenious, thinking to make a bag for one’s bag. I’ve seen a similar product advertised on American TV, but MUJI’s is far cuter — cute enough to make it your main purse.

I bought my grey, cotton MUJI ‘bag in bag’ in Tokyo for only $12. I couldn’t stop staring at it through the window. It’s the texture of soft sweatpants and the inner lining has thin, white-and-grey stripes. Very cute. There’s at least 10 pockets, including one mesh and a couple pen slots. It also comes in other color schemes and fabrics, ranging from $7 to $15 — the ideal price for a bag you may never ever reveal to others.

Seems they’re selling like hotcakes in Japan. Some other friends happen to buy the same bag! I guess we were all thinking the same thing: How do I organize my junk without having to get rid of anything? Heehee.


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