You’re a Stone’s Throw Away to Good Luck

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Need a little romance? How about some extra beauty? Want to give your boyfriend a boost in health? Why not try a power stone? It’s the latest ‘must-have’ in Japan. Amethyst, rubies, topaz, you name them, people are collecting these little guys like Pokemon cards. Gotta have ’em all!


The theory is that each stone correlates to a certain ‘power’, for example:

Love: Moonstone, ruby, garnet

Healing, relaxing: Citrine, peridot, kyanite

Health: Topaz, Herkimer diamond

Money: Tiger’s Eye

Work: Strawberry quartz, crystal, rutile quartz

Beauty: Opal, rose quartz, tourmarine

Luck: Inca rose, lapis lazuli

These days in Japan, you’re sure to see both men and women wearing bracelets or rings strapped with any of these precious stones, some of the most popular being rose quartz (beauty) and tiger’s eye (money). A popular store called Stone Market carries rows and rows of baskets with both loose stones and beautifully crafted jewelry at reasonable prices. A cute pair of aquamarine(love) earrings are only $15. A turquoise necklace is only $12. Who said Japan was too expensive?!


Power stones have become so popular, hotels are offering them as their token of appreciation for staying with them. One hotel in the town of Hakone offers the rose quartz to visiting couples as a boost of good luck. Let’s hope it brings up the birthrate. (^o<)

Of course, these days when times are uncertain, it’s nice to have something to believe in. A good ol’ fashioned rabbit’s foot is hard to come by these days so power stones come in handy when you want to be both chic and damn lucky. (Though personally, I’ve never been able to grasp the idea of paying money in hopes of earning money. Counterproductive?) So what if they never work out for you. Half the trick is just in believing. \(^o^)/


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