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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

There’s something very enticing about collectibles. From Beanie Babies to Pokemon cards, we love blowing our money on things that come in sets.

My latest obsessions is a Hello Kitty charm made by Gotochi. There’s one tailor-made for every region of Japan, plus for Japanese tourist destinations like Hawaii and Guam.

So let’s say you’re visiting the city of Shizuoka, famous for their fresh green tea. Stop by the souvenir shop of the airport or train station and you’ll find a Kitty-chan dressed in a kimono harnessed to a bale of tea leaves.


Or you’re ever in Nara you’re sure to spot Kitty-chan dressed as a deer, the town’s sacred mascot:


Cute, right?

A few coworkers collaborate with me to make my collection grow. They visit Japan twice a year so they always bring home a new charm for me. And then when I visit friends in Kyushu and Tokyo, I buy some for them. So far, I’ve collected 10 or so, but I know I’m not stopping there.

So what’s the point, right? Mmm yeah, these trinkets aren’t gonna bring world peace or anything. And eventually they probably will end up in a dusty shoe box in my closet. But right now I’m all about attaching Kitty charms to every purse zipper I own (They come with a clasp). Accessorizing raises your bag’s cuteness meter, making other girls instantly jealous. (Ooh how I love making girls jealous!) And the idea of having a charm from different regions of the country somehow makes me feel worldly in a Paris Hilton kinda way.

Yep, yet another useless but completely indispensable thingamabob from Japan. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.



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