It’s Victory Around the World for Obama

November 13, 2008 at 4:33 pm 1 comment

Around the world, people have been rejoicing over our new U.S. president, Barack Obama. Sorry Republicans, but Senator Obama’s message of ‘change’ amid this sobering economic crisis was something we desperately needed to hear.


Following last Tuesday’s election, members of the Japanese parliament, particularly ones of the president-elect’s generation, let out a collective sigh of relief: “Obama’s election means that the qualities of youth, efficiency, and ability to move with global trends could become prized commodities even within the Japanese political world,” said Diet member to Mainichi News.


Like with many countries, Japan’s political and economic will has been at the mercy of the U.S. government. And let’s face it, this current U.S. administration has been nothing more than a big bully. When Japan discovered spinal cord tissue in its U.S.-imported beef it held up a two-year ban that, sadly, ended with the U.S. strong-arming them back into trade relations. Imagine having to feed your children suspicious and perhaps deadly meat just because the dirty ‘ol butcher wants to stay in business.

I think it’s this sort of arrogance by the U.S. that’s brewed a greater sense of nationalism from Japan to stand up on its own. But now with Obama at the helm, in about 70 days at least, I think we may start to see their attitude soften a bit.

Meanwhile, in the western corner of Japan, the town of Obama has been celebrating the senator’s victory with hula dancers and red bean cake. The sleepy coastal village made headlines around the world as they rooted loudly for the senator who shared its name. The attention helped bolster the local economy, of course. Seems everyone came out a winner. \(^o^)/


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