Why You Should Wear Glasses!

October 10, 2008 at 9:11 am Leave a comment

At the height of the Sarah Palin media frenzy, Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki has received over 9,000 orders for those fashionable specs the Alaska governor sports in her nationwide bid for vice-president. It’s a pair of sleek, titanium frames that – when modeled by the GOP’s first female VP candidate – exudes both smart and sexy.

For women working their way up the corporate ladder, a pair of glasses like those could prove useful in snatching that six-figure salary. ( = vacation in the Bahamas!) For Kawasaki, the payoff amounts to far more. Priced at $400 for overseas buyers, those glasses bump up annual sales by the millions. ( = mansion in the Bahamas!!)

Kawasaki is definitely flying high these days. The engineering professor has been designing glasses – along with syringes, artificial hearts, kitchen sponges and wheelchairs – for decades. He’s done well for himself, but nothing beats this recent boon – all because we Americans are enthralled by the image of a beautiful woman who can do it all.

Image sells. That’s the moral of the story. It reminds me of a couple years ago when every Japanese woman over 30 was going ga-ga over a Korean actor named Bae Yong Joon. He’s the boyfriend who’ll take you for strolls on the beach and draw your name in the sand. He’s the one who’ll cook three-course meals and finish up with an oil massage. He’ll give you roses for no reason other than because he loves you.

The actor wore a pair of glasses, so when word got out that it was manufactured by designer Paul Smith sales went through the roof. Somehow, women thought if they could get their man to wear the $250 specs then their relationship would change for the better. Hah! At best, they could now read the eye chart.

These days, the actor attaches his name to a new brand of kimchi. And of course, everyone’s running to snatch it up. “If I get my boyfriend to eat this, he’ll be more romantic,” they’re probably thinking. Hmm, I wouldn’t bet on it. Get him a stick of gum. That’ll make his kisses sweeter. (^_^)


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