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Get on the Bus!

With the fluctuating price of fuel, more people are ditching the train and getting on the bus. Some bus companies have nearly doubled their fleet with the number of long-distance riders skyrocketing these past few months. A bullet train can get from one side of the country to the other in little time, but a bus can get there at little cost. Case in point: A 1 1/2 hour train from Tokyo to Sendai City (almost 200 miles away) costs about $150. A bus between the same cities is only $35.

But enough about money. A Japanese bus is also about comfort and luxury. Reclining seats are as smooth as velvet. And attached to each is a foot rest and meal tray. There’s also a personal A/C vent, and unlike Greyhound you’re guaranteed to get there in one piece. Restrooms are in the back and coffee and tea are complimentary.

Safety is also key. Women have the option of not having to sit next to a man. Yeah, that might sound strange but many women in Japan avoid men like the plague. Why else would there be a demand for ‘women-only’ train cars? So now more females than ever are taking the bus.

As much as I love traveling the bullet train, it’s really hard to pass up a good thing like this. And being that we might be in this recession over the long haul I’d say hop aboard while you can. In this economy you never know what’s next to fold.


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