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The Doctor is in the House!

Recently I’ve been watching a Japanese drama about a girl who receives an android boyfriend in the mail. He’s the ideal man, programmed to cook dinner and shower her with presents. She eventually develops a soft spot for him, despite knowing he could never be her real boyfriend.

So what happens if you find yourself falling for a robot? What’s to bring you back to reality and the fact that you could never bear his children? Well, the simplest thing to do is listen to his heart. Literally.

I recently bought a stethoscope set at a Japanese bookstore. (I broke my previous one.) This new edition by Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing not only comes with a book but a CD, guiding you through ways to use your new toy. Put it on and you’ll hear all kinds of strange noises in your body, especially after downing a Big Mac and Coke.

There’s a growing market for educational toys in Japan, especially now that the government can legally penalize companies who let their employees’ waistline stretch beyond limits — past 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women. It’s an effort to combat the rising cost of public health care, so companies are not only required to keep track of their employees’ health but prescribe a diet regimen if things should get out of hand. Imagine attempting that in the U.S.; let’s say, charging a $1 fine for every extra pound. People would be up in arms. Flabby arms.

Using a stethoscope might seem like child’s play but there’s a lot of important things to listen to in that body cavity of yours. The other day my doctor was listening to my heart and thought he heard a murmur. Luckily, it wasn’t. And if you should ever find yourself with an amazingly sweet boyfriend, be sure to use your stethoscope on him, too. If his heart sounds more like a ticking clock, you’ll know it was too good to be true. (@_@)


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