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Why Yes, That Comes in Green Tea Flavor

Last year on this blog I confessed my fondness (okay, “obsession” might be a better word) for Haagen-Dazs green tea ice cream from Japan. I even wrote the company and asked why it wasn’t available stateside. They sent me a couple of coupons in the mail and told me they didn’t have plans to release that flavor in the U.S. anytime soon. But now, at long last: success!! From January to August, grocery stores across the country will be stocked with limited edition green tea ice cream.



The flavor is more popular than ever. J-list Side Blog recently offered up a new treat: green tea mint gum. Not sure I’d like the taste of that; I worry the mint part will overpower the subtleness of the tea flavor (sort of like when Lipton adds lemon to their iced teas; I think they should leave it alone).

Apparently there is no product that can’t be flavored with green tea. sells green tea pretzels (with “black honey syrup flavor”), green tea caramels, green tea Pocky and green tea Nestlé Kit Kats! You can read a not-so-favorable assessment of the Kit Kats at Chocolate Review, which may be the best blog idea ever and is run by a British university student.



Here in L.A., Trader Joe’s sells green tea muffin mix, which is simple to bake at home. I really like them but I admit they’re an acquired taste.

For you daring types, here’s a recipe for green tea pudding. The finished product looks surprisingly scrumptious!

But the one I really want to eat is green tea pound cake.

With some actual green tea to wash it all down, of course.

Sarah S.

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