Shake that Body

February 1, 2008 at 6:14 pm 2 comments

Last night I was chatting with some Japanese friends about recent diet fads. I told them about the colon cleanse program which included taking awful-tasting grass supplements which made me nauseous. It didn’t work miracles but at least made me appreciate my taste buds and what it has to put up with.

My friends told me about the ‘bulu-bulu’ regimen where you’re shaken by a machine in hopes that it’ll shake off that extra quarter-pound of at you had at McDonalds. I myself am a jogger so it sounded silly hat a little bit of shaking could do anything more than pain to the back.


A little bit of net research found a handful of sites that offer these machines. “Easy and fun!” “Only ten minutes a day!” “Hollywood celebrities are doing it!” Those were some of the hooks luring customers to their product. It’s a pretty simple concept. Just stand on the machine and let it do the work for you.

Common sense told me that in order to burn calories and raise your metabolism your heart needs to beat at its target rate for at least 20 minutes. That would involve actual exercise. Blood, sweat, tears and all.

Yet after talking with my friends, I started to realize their goal wasn’t just to lose weight but to lose weight without actually doing anything. A very appealing concept. Even in the U.S., some of us would rather pay thousands on liposuction than actually hit the gym.

So of course these shaking machines were a success in Japan. Over the past few months, millions of women have been moving their way into slimmer bodies. Though at what they have to pay, maybe just to a slimmer wallet. Still, Japanese people love products like these. Even just a little self-satisfaction is enough to make the purchase worthwhile. Then it’s off to the next fad product in their never-ending quest for that model-like body.


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