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September 25, 2007 at 1:40 pm Leave a comment

On Saturday, September 1, when Americans were kicking back in anticipation of a nice long Labor Day weekend, techno music fans in Japan were partying from 6 pm to 6 am at Wire ’07, the best and biggest Japanese techno event of the year.

Wire, an all-ages show, was held in the enormous Yokohama Arena. Picture massive dance floors, several stages, a couple of bars and a World Café, packed with 15,000 excited people. Luckily there was also a so-called “Relaxing Area,” situated away from the high-energy rooms, where exhausted dancers were allowed to simply stand or sit when they could no longer move. (Everywhere else in the arena you were expected to partake in a Dance Dance Revolution.) Without a caffeine IV, I’d probably collapse after an hour or two of dancing, let alone twelve! But according to Japan Times, the huge, pulsing crowds at events like Wire feed off one another’s euphoria all night long. The electronic beat is intense and addictive. Just try listening to techno music without bopping your head and starting to groove.


Famous DJs (notably Dave Clarke, who’s booked months in advance all over the world and has a new mix album due out in October) flew in from places like Munich, Beijing, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Sao Paolo, and brought unique global sounds with them. Most DJs worked their magic in 70-minute individual sets of synthesized techno, combined with extraordinary light shows and endless video screens that mesmerized and entranced. Plenty of local talent like Ken Ishii, considered Japan’s first techno superstar, took to the stage as well.

Want to get your own techno party started? Check out the Wire ’07 compilation CD for ideas.

Next year is Wire’s 10th Anniversary. (I’m tired just imagining it!)

Sarah S.

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