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For That Deep Down Body Thirst…

The other day, a friend began singing the praises of a certain Japanese drink called Aquarius. “It is the best thing ever for hangovers,” he said, excitedly detailing the thirst-quenching effect he gets after a heavy night of drinking. Aquarius is a sports drink similar to Gatorade. It’s lightly flavored and contains minerals and electrolytes to perk you up without the caffeine crash.

The conversation opened to other drinks unique to Japan like cold bottled teas which taste best on a sweltering summer day when you can practically wring out the sweat from your clothes. Oolong, green tea, barley tea, British tea – you name it and they have it bottled, chilled and ready for consumption. Most brands contain no sugar so you’re left feeling clean and refreshed, which is a godsend when the humidity level reaches 80 percent.


Talk of bottled liquid got me thinking how obsessed one can get about it. I can go on forever on the topic, yet when I think of its American counterparts my enthusiasm wanes. American drinks tend to go heavy on the high fructose corn syrup, leaving little to the imagination. Japanese drinks contain far less sugar. Even milky tea drinks like Kirin’s “Gogo no Kocha” will leave you wanting more.

Another thing that hooks me on Japanese drinks is that they sometimes come with a free toy. Yes, I’m a sucker. But make no mistake, it’s not your ordinary Cracker Jack prize. Usually you get a cool miniature collectible tied in with some blockbuster movie release. A complete collection can sell for hundreds of dollars.

But perhaps the best thing about Japanese bottled drinks is that no matter where you are you can find a good one within an arm’s reach. High-tech vending machines, a.k.a. jidohanbaiki, are at your service 24 hours a day, anywhere and everywhere in Japan. Open your front door and there it is. Run through a dark alleyway and you’ll break your nose on one. Saunter through a grassy meadow in a remote region of the Hokkaido and “Bam!” there it is again.

Let’s just say that no matter how parched their throats may get, the Japanese will never ever go thirsty. (^_<)/


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