See You at the Polls: What Japan Thinks

May 11, 2007 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

The cultural differences between America and Japan, whether subtle or astonishing, can be tough to figure out. What seems normal in one country is frowned upon, laughed at or, altered in the other. Take the “Mac vs. PC” commercials on TV; in America, it’s normal to compare your product to that of your competitor’s, but in Japan, direct reference to the competition is a big no-no.

In the U.S., slurping your soup would get you some sour looks, but in Japan, it’s a compliment proving that the food is delicious. What about bowing, proper chopstick handling, and use of the simple word “Sorry”? How do you figure out what’s rude and what’s not in another culture?


For starters, visit What Japan Thinks, a blog filled with survey results, pie charts, and graphs that give you societal information at a glance. Discover what Japanese people believe about current etiquette, movies, politics, business, gaming and more. No topic is too big or too small, from the broad (“What Japan Thinks about Foreign Food”) to the specific (“What Japan thinks of ‘An Inconvenient Truth'”) to the humorous (“What Japan Thinks about Mothers-in-Law”).

Sarah S.

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